Gods in Color – Golden Edition

Gods in Color – Golden Edition

Gods in Color – Golden Edition Polychromy in Antiquity 2020/1/30 – 2021/9/26 DIGITORIAL® FOR THE EXHIBITION

Museum exhibitions of ancient Greek and Roman sculptures are striking for the dominance of pure white marble. But looks can be deceiving. These figures of gods and heroes were once richly clothed in vivid colors! We’ve known this for centuries – so why does the image of whiteness still persist?

We imagine ancient statues and buildings as marble white. We’ve grown comfortable with this image – but it is incorrect.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Die Palette der Antike, by Michael Siebler, 09.01.2006

For many years the Liebieghaus has dedicated itself to unraveling the mystery of the original polychromy of ancient sculptures. Indeed, the museum has taken the lead in this area of research.

Vinzenz Brinkmann’s reconstructions are made in collaboration with the archaeologist Ulrike Koch-Brinkmann and give current viewers a vibrant picture of the former polychromy of the sculptures. The exhibition Gods in Color has been touring the world in one form or another since 2003 – a testament to its popularity and success – and originally went on show at the Liebieghaus in Frankfurt am Main in 2008.

The exhibition now returns to Frankfurt with new findings and reconstructions never before displayed. The juxtaposition of color reconstructions with selected masterpieces from the Liebieghaus allows viewers to experience the history of these brightly painted sculptures first-hand.

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